Boys and Girls Club of North Valley


Core Program Areas

The five Core Program Areas provide an overall framework for programming in a Boys and Girls Club. Every Club should provide a diverse program that will attract and retain boys and girls with a wide variety of interests and needs. Club activities and programs in each of our five Core Program Areas are designed to build in each child a sense of belonging, usefulness, influence and competence

 Education & Career Development
After-school homework labs, one-on-one tutoring, computer learning and technology center, and academic enrichment activities that include geography, biology, math, English and world culture, among a host of others, provide young people with a the tools and with a structured and consistent environment that is supportive and conducive to achieving their academic and career goals. 
Our landmark PROJECT LEARN education enrichment program together with our POWER HOUR homework help and tutoring program provide powerful results utilizing high-yield learning activities and incentive rewards.
Our COLLEGE BOUND & JOB MENTORING programs helps teens investigate career and college choices. They learn to write resumes and participate in mock interviews. Field trips to local and regional businesses and colleges, guest speakers and job shadowing programs help our youth prepare for the next phase of their lives. We even prepare them to file their first tax returns!
Health & Life Skills
Members are exposed to opportunities to develop important life skills. Programs such as Kids In The Kitchen and Teen Grub, where youth select recipes, shop for food, prepare and cook nutritious meals, set the table, practice manners, eat together as a family and then do the dishes and wash the linens is not only great fun, but teaches them valuable living skills. We plan to offer a daily free snack to all members and a dinner program. 
The Club’s SMART MOVES program makes a positive and long-lasting impact on the futures of youth, by steering young people away from delinquency, teen pregnancy, school truancy and academic failure. Using “GOALS FOR GROWTH” young people learn how to set and achieve appropriate goals and strength-building techniques to resist gangs, drugs and alcohol.
Character & Leadership Development
Our vending centers which are operated by members enrolled in our two youth leadership clubs, teach valuable marketable skills. Youth in these programs are in charge of the snack enterprises of the club, purchasing snack and drinks that they re-sell to members. They learn about customer service, proper pricing, money handling, accounting, banking and inventory management. They also learn about charitable giving and democratic decision-making since 80% of their “profits” must go to a community service project that they vote on. The remaining 20% is allocated for a reward incentive, such as a pizza party or field trips to other Boys & Girls Clubs.
Our Keystone leadership club helps young people get involved not only in their own community but trade ideas and dreams with Keystoners from Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the nation at conferences and competitions. 
The Youth of the Year program honors young people for their accomplishments and ultimately rewards youth with college scholarship opportunities. 
AmeriCorps programs enable young members to convert their volunteer hours at the club into college scholarships. 
 Our Leaders-In-Training and Junior Staff programs not only prepare members for work in the real world, but often lead to gainful employment right at the Boys & girls Club.
Sports, Fitness & Recreation
Academic success, marketable skills are important, but only in the context of overall health and well-being. This includes fitness classes, exercise programs, sports and athletic competitions and recreational activities such as camping, skiing, hiking and adventure outings. 
The Arts
Violin, guitar, dance, drama, visual and structural arts are all part of the development experiences and opportunities provided at the club. Daily arts and crafts often lead to field trips to local museums or businesses that promote the arts as a vocation. The Boys & Girls Club invites artists and performers into the club and also gets the members out of the club to attend cultural events.

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